5 Facebook ads that work, and why

In a social media universe that is inundated by stories, photos and ads, most Facebook users tend to swipe through content without clicking on anything.

But for businesses, the potential that comes with advertising on Facebook is immense. In Singapore, Facebook ranked among the three most popular social networks as of the third quarter of 2017, with a 70% penetration rate.

So what exactly does it take to catch the eye of a Facebook user, and make sure that they click on your ad?

We take a look at five successful Facebook ads, and how they have captured consumers’ attention.

1. Be visual


Good photos are a feast for the eyes, especially if it is related to food. Local restaurant booking platform Chope cleverly pairs images of a delectable dishes with the bright and cheerful colour yellow. The result is visually arresting ads that stand out prominently in a sea of Facebook posts, and make your belly rumble too.

Visual content tends to be treated favourably in the Facebook algorithm. They are also more likely to be shared and have longevity, with studies showing that people have the ability to recall 65% of the visual content they saw almost three years ago.

2. Sell the sale


Everybody loves a good deal – Singaporeans, in particular. If your company has an ongoing promotion to offer, Facebook is a great place to publicise it.

Online furniture store Castlery does this well with snappy and concise captions that immediately tell readers about its promotions.

The clean and elegant images of its products, marked by discounted prices in red, offer readers a first glimpse into its wider product catalogue, enticing them to enter the online store by clicking on the “Shop Now” button.

3. Show off your value proposition

Field Assembly

For any business, having a compelling value proposition is arguably the most important element of its overall sales and marketing efforts.

Local boutique gym Field Assembly Training Facility showcases what it can bring to the table for potential customers – starting with a problem (“Worried about your slowing metabolism?”), and offering a solution (“Get lifting”) that also helps to educate the audience.

Its call to action at the end of the post is also specific, clear and effective, taking the reader right from just thinking about the issue to taking concrete action to improve his or her lifestyle.

4. Be relevant

Dollar Shave Club

This Dollar Shave Club ad may be from 2016, but it remains a compelling example of good Facebook advertising even till today.

The California-based firm makes and delivers grooming products. Here, it makes a tongue-in-cheek statement about age-old industry norms – that women’s razors do not have to be pink in colour.

This sets it apart from traditional companies that have stuck to gender-based products, and showcases itself as a progressive company that keeps up with changing societal values.

Its progressive statement also serves as a huge selling point as consumers today tend to prioritise brands with values that are aligned with their own when it comes to making a purchase. 

If Dollar Shave Club’s goal was to attract and open up to a bigger pool of female customers, this ad very likely did the job.

5. Up the ante with videos


For South Korea’s official tourism brand, Imagine Your Korea, boosting visitor numbers is all about star appeal. And there is no better way to tap on that than through videos.

It recently rolled out a series of promotional video clips that feature members of popular K-Pop boyband EXO, drawing on its huge fanbase. Each video, slightly more than a minute long, opens with a band member asking the audience if they have experienced something unique to tourism in Korea, from watching live K-Pop concerts to eating street food at night markets, as well as taking a tour of the Korean Demilitarised Zone.

Videos can offer more engaging visual content than static posts. If done right, they also have the potential to go viral. With some 100 million hours of video content being watched on Facebook every day, such a format serves as a very powerful advertising tool.

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