Digital advertising: an important tool for small businesses

Digital marketing can help complement traditional marketing strategies and improve your company’s growth. But it is important to use the various platforms, like Facebook, Google, and Instagram, wisely so that your message reaches the right people.

Qlipp is a tennis sensor and mobile app. CEO Dr Donny Soh knew that he had a great product on his hands that could benefit tennis players globally. But the product was so niche that he just did not know how to increase brand awareness and get people to be interested in it.

Focussing on digital marketing, the business went through a trial-and-error process to determine a strategy that produced results.

Increasing brand awareness

“The product Qlipp was unheard of. And it is not something that people can easily understand with just a single image. When we developed the product, we were essentially going in blind with regards to how exactly we could get the product out there and how to get people interested in it,” says Dr Soh.

The Qlipp sensor can be attached to any tennis racquet, and measures every part of your stroke and analyses the spin, speed and sweet spot accuracy of each shot. The data then syncs to your phone so you can easily track your game and improve over time.

Dr Soh knew that the product had a global market and that digital marketing was the key to reaching potential users. To slowly grow their user base, Dr Soh used Facebook to gain more followers. “That was an important move to find the right kind of customers who would be interested in a product like ours,” he says. The bulk of Qlipp’s sales at present comes from overseas and online marketing strategies have thus been useful in reaching out to customers.


Targeted advertising with Google Ads

“We had also used Google Ads in the beginning, but we just weren’t sure exactly who to target. We had conversions but not enough people even searching for the product category,” explains Dr Soh.

This is where Facebook came in handy. Facebook gave Qlipp the necessary insights such as demographic data that informed the company about the characteristics of the target group. “We obtained data like age group, location, and gender. We combined such data with the existing, available data on tennis players and used Google Ads to target those groups,” he says.

This strategy helped Qlipp properly target the right people with the right message using Google Ads. For example, the company would use Google Ads to target specific regions that have many tennis courts to reach the tennis players in that region. This helped to amplify the campaign there.

Dr Soh emphasises that digital advertising does not replace more traditional methods like printed materials for brochures and radio advertisements. “Digital advertising is just one of many tools in the box to help us get our brand out there. It really helps to broadcast our brand to a much bigger audience that is not possible with just traditional marketing alone.”

The company also focused on entire campaigns. “We decided on certain themes for specific periods of time. During those periods, retailers were informed of the theme and carried out small sponsorships at events like tennis tournaments. We then built up on that sort of traditional marketing and enhanced those efforts with online digital marketing,” he says.

Influencer marketing with Instagram

Instagram was also an important tool in carrying out a more effective, targeted campaign. Dr Soh says that posts on their Instagram account were not as effective in reaching out to new users. As such, they relied on influencer marketing through Instagram.

“Instagram is quite different from Facebook and other social media tools. I found that instead of concentrating on just the brand’s Instagram account, it was much more useful to work with influencers. We got them to try out our product and share their experiences on Instagram. We also used known tennis players which helped increase the credibility of the brand, and followers of those players were more inclined to check out the product.”

Dr Soh says that digital marketing has to be dynamic. It is not something that can be done just once and expected to yield results. “Such tools allow us to know more about our customers. It’s not just the matter of reaching out but really finding out what message clicks or stays with your customers. From there, these messages can be tweaked to achieve optimal results. It’s the same as understanding your customer’s needs in order to develop a suitable product.”

While SMEs may not have the time or resources to properly devote attention to their digital marketing efforts, online advertising platforms like Adtiq can be used to guide businesses along to promote their product or service through Google, Facebook and Instagram Ads.



  • Digital marketing can help turn your market into a global market.
  • CEO Dr Donny Soh needed to market Qlipp, a tennis sensor and mobile app, to a global audience using digital marketing. Facebook was the first tool he used to gain more followers and cultivate the brand.
  • Using data from Facebook, he also used Google Ads to target specific groups and regions to ensure better results.
  • Qlipp also reaped results with Instagram, where they engaged influencers to help with marketing.
  • Adtiq, an easy-to-use online platform, can be used to guide businesses along in using these online tools to further promote a product or service.