Small businesses discover the benefits of online advertising with Adtiq

Adtiq recently visited businesses in the Tai Seng area to showcase the benefits of the digital advertising platform. Designed with small business needs in mind, Adtiq can be described in three words - Instant, Simple and Affordable.

Adtiq decided to kick off the New Year by hitting the road to show small business owners how the platform works and that advertising online can be a simple process. “The Adtiq roadshow, Taste of Adtiq, was the first time we took our story on the road to share with small- and medium-sized businesses that Adtiq can make online advertising Instant, Simple and Affordable,” says Lennel Tan, Marketing Manager for Adtiq.

Meeting people at Tai Seng

Online Advertising made Instant, Simple and Affordable

Setting up outside Breadtalk IHQ in Tai Seng on 11 January, the Adtiq team handed out free gifts of cup noodles and instant coffee to highlight the platforms benefits — Instant, Simple and Affordable. Even the least experienced cook can enjoy the benefits offered by a cup of noodles.

Users can Instantly get a free customised online advertising proposal in minutes. All they need to do is to fill out a form, and Adtiq can suggest the advertising channels (Google Search, Facebook or Instagram) to use, budget to invest for the period they’d like, etc.

Setting up their own campaign across Google Search, Facebook and Instagram is now Simple because the hassle of managing multiple sites and learning different processes in order to run their own campaigns has been removed. Instead, it is just one process and one website to plan, create, manage and optimise a multi-channel campaign. This has never been done before.

Agencies may ask for a minimum investment of $1K to run a simple campaign. Out of which, up to 30% goes into paying them, leaving less advertising budget to actually pay for ads. Adtiq makes it Affordable, reducing the excess cost by building in the intelligence and digitising the process — lowering additional costs to just 10%. Also, it allows users total control over how much advertising budget to put in, from even as low as $200.

Enquiring small business folks

SMEs understand the importance of digital advertising

Taste of Adtiq wasn’t restricted to free noodles and coffee. Besides reaching out to over 3,000 businesses in the Tai Seng area, many came by the roadshow to enquire about the solution, as well as view a demo conducted by Product Manager, Clement.

And the responses were positive.

“More and more small business owners definitely know it is important for their businesses to go online,” says Lennel Tan. “We had visitors to the roadshow that talked to us about how they want to advertise online. One even said that he was going to start a business in March. He wanted to have a website and advertising set up even before his business is started.

“Another from a construction business who signed up on the spot, knew his company could get more leads online, and was very focused on wanting to help his company do so. Even those who are not digitally inclined understood the importance.

A lady was speaking to our product manager and writing down each and every step he was describing to her. Such was the enthusiasm even though this was something new to them.”

Signing up for Adtiq

Adtiq helps SMEs understand online marketing

When talking to small business owners about digital advertising and marketing three pain points were always raised:

  1. No time to do marketing
  2. No marketing budget
  3. No experience with online marketing

According to Clement Chai, Product Manager for Adtiq, the platform was created to specifically address each of these issues:

“In designing Adtiq, we made the process as simple and integrated as possible so that it takes just minutes to get their campaign set up, and less than an hour to launch their campaigns. This frees up a lot more time for the small business owner to go about their daily operations.

“Adtiq digitises the human element, making the platform smart enough to perform some of the tasks like delivering recommendations based on data reports. So, the cost of using the platform is substantially lowered.

“In Adtiq’s design, we’ve tried our best to translate all the data, APIs and technical requirements into plain English and simplified processes – things that our users can easily understand from their perspective. This minimises their barrier to start, and encourages them to try online advertising for the first time.”

Great enthusiasm

Embark on a $5,000 digital advertising journey

Adtiq also used the day to seek out three businesses to partner with. Each lucky company will receive a $5,000 advertising package, inclusive of an advertising budget ($2,000), professional design services, subscriptions to a stock image library, and access to online design tools.

These companies will demonstrate the simplicity of Adtiq plus show the benefits of online advertising and what it can deliver for small business. Follow their journey on Adtiq's blog sometime in March.


  • The Adtiq roadshow, Taste of Adtiq, demonstrated the platform to small business owners in the Tai Seng area
  • Adtiq makes online marketing Instant, Simple and Affordable
  • The response was positive with small business owners understanding the importance of online marketing
  • Adtiq helps small business by solving problems around no time, budget or experience for online marketing