Our Customers

At Adtiq, we put our customers first, and aim to help them achieve success with online advertising. Here are some customers who love Adtiq!

Agnes Voo Owner & Hairdresser, PA Salon https://www.facebook.com/pasalonkk

Running a small local salon on top of being the main hairdresser, I have to handle the operational stuff myself too. I don’t get a lot of time for other stuff, especially marketing to new customers who are around the area. With Adtiq, I managed to get both AdWords and Facebook campaigns up just over lunch time. Within just 3 short days, we got 8 new customers appointments for colouring and perm services.

Adela Lam Founder and Director, Matix http://www.matix.company

As a start-up focusing on digital and tech recruitment, we understand the importance of being visibly present online as it is critical to build our company and personal branding. With limitations as a start-up, Adtiq provided a platform to create and run digital ads on the go at an affordable price.