Frequently Asked Questions

What is Adtiq?

Built with small business owners in mind, Adtiq is an easy-to-use online advertising platform that lets users plan, create, manage and optimise online advertising on Google Search and Facebook.

Adtiq is designed to assist users with their decision making and campaign creation process by removing complicated jargon, offering benchmarks and recommendations based on industry best practices, and providing transparent reporting on results. It also removes the need for users to learn and manage multiple platforms, making it easier for anyone to start.


What can I do with Adtiq?

Adtiq allows you to do all these from a single platform: 

  • plan your budget and campaign, 
  • create advertisements for Google Ads (previously known as AdWords) and Facebook Advertising, 
  • manage and buy advertising space from Google and Facebook, and 
  • optimise your online advertising campaigns 

For more details on the features in Adtiq, click here. Adtiq allows you to plan, buy and manage online advertising campaigns on Facebook and Google Search from one website, instead of going to separate ones. For more details on the features in Adtiq.


I've never advertised online, How do I start?

To get started, we will ask you a few simple questions to understand your objectives and provide you with an online advertising plan. You can then refine the settings to your needs, such as increasing the estimated number of visitors, or reducing the cost. Once you’re ready, you can create the advertisements and book your advertisements with the respective platforms. During your campaign, we will help you identify areas you can optimise to generate more results and make your budget more effective.


What are professional services?

For some users, they may require additional services to be implemented on their websites as part of their digital marketing activities. For example, installation of Google Analytics to enable better tracking of web traffic to the website. Our partner, Amobee is offering a list of such services from as low as S$50 as value added services. Specialists from Amobee will assist in the implementation directly.


I don't have a website but have a Facebook page, can I use Adtiq with it?

Yes, you can. If you plan to purchase Google Ads to direct users to your Facebook page, please note that our keyword suggestion tool will not be able to suggest relevant keywords due to the closed nature of Facebook's environment. It is likely that you will need to come up with keywords yourself.

At the same time, Google Ads could prevent multiple ads using the same top-level domain from appearing on the same search results page. This means if another advertiser is driving traffic to their Facebook page and bidding on the same keywords as yours, only one ad might show.

Can I pause/start campaigns while they are running?

Yes, of course. We encourage you to make adjustments during campaigns to optimise your spending and deliver better results.


Can I edit my campaigns after I launched them?

Yes, you can change most settings for your campaign such as budget, audience targeting, ad messaging, keywords and etc.

However do take note that you may not edit an ad once it’s live. This is to keep results for existing ads separate from new ones. You may duplicate the ad and change it and pause the previous ad. That way you can also compare the effectiveness between the two ads.


Can I stop a campaign completely when my budget hasn’t run out?

Yes, you can. Your remaining budget will be set aside for use in future campaigns.


What kind of ad format do we support for Facebook ads?

Currently we only support single image format sponsored ads. Video and carousel ads are not supported currently, but are in the works.


How can I add new keywords or ad copies?

You may navigate to the individual pages within a campaign itself. Example, for adding new keywords, go under Google > Keywords, then click on “Add New Keywords”

Adding Google Keywords

I've never advertised online, How do I start?

To help you get started, we’ll ask you a few simple questions to understand your objectives and provide you with an estimate. You can then refine the settings to your liking, whether to increase the estimated number of visitors, or to reduce the cost. Once you’re ready, you can create the advertisements and pay for the advertisement booking.

How do I know how much to split my budgets between advertising platforms?

We will present you with an estimation based on your objectives, including the percentage split on your budget. You are free to tweak it to meet your objectives before committing to the amount spent. These estimates are based on best practices and past campaign data provided by Amobee.


How much does it cost to launch a campaign?

Registration to use the platform is free of charge. You can sign up for an account and receive an online advertising plan based on your objectives. Should you decide to launch an advertising campaign, there is a 10% service charge on top of your advertising spend that goes into running of your campaign.

Both advertising spend and service charges will need to be paid prior to launching the campaign. For example, if you choose to invest $100 in a campaign, an additional $10 will go to the cost of using the platform. So, in total, you will pay $110.

This is relatively lower than the current media booking rates in the market. The total amount is subjected to prevailing Goods and Services tax, depending on your country of origin.


How am I being charged by Google or Facebook? How much does it cost?

When you launch campaigns with a stipulated budget for each platform, it acts as credits for your campaign. During your campaign, Google and Facebook will deduct from your credits based on the prevailing Cost Per Click (CPC) for that ad, which can vary based on several factors.

For example, when you run Google Search ads and bid on the phrase “car wash singapore”, the price you pay when someone clicks your ad (CPC) may go up or down because other companies may be competing with you for that.

You can read more about Google Search advertising here, and Facebook advertising here.


Can I move budgets between Facebook and Google in the middle of a campaign?

Unfortunately, budgets allocated between Facebook and Google cannot be moved during the campaign. Once the budget has been committed to a platform, it cannot be moved from one to the other.


My campaign has ended, what can I do with the remaining budget?

You may extend the campaign by going to “edit campaign”. When extending the campaign, Adtiq will calculate if the budget is sufficient for the new campaign duration. If there isn’t sufficient budget, you will need to top-up on your ad credits. Alternatively you can reduce the new duration.


How can I make use of my unspent budgets?

If you have any unutilised budgets from your current campaign, you can choose to either top up and continue with the current campaign (if it performs well), or release the budget to use it to create another campaign. Here's a few quick steps on how to do it:

  • Go to your "Campaigns" overview by clicking on the link on the top right navigation after logging in.
  • In your list of completed campaigns, you can click on "Edit budget" to see whether there is balance budgets available. You can top up your advertising budget to continue running this campaign, or release the budget for a new campaign.
  • Click on the "Actions" button on the right and select "Edit campaign". Click here to see a screenshot
  • Click on the "Edit" link for the campaign with the balance budget. Click here to see a screenshot
  • You will now have to select a new end date for the campaign, as well as input how much you'd like to spend in total. For example, if you have $1.03 and you put in $100, you would have to top up $98.97. You will be prompted to change the top up amount if it is insufficient to run for the period you have indicated. Click here to see a screenshot
  • If you do not wish to continue with this campaign and would like to use the budget for a new campaign, you can click on the "Release budget" link. Click here to see a screenshot
  • Once you're done, click on the "Save" button with the new settings. Click here to see a screenshot
  • Once you return to the campaign overview, turn on the campaign again and you will then be prompted to top up your campaign budget. You will then be redirected to the checkout page to make payment. Click here to see a screenshot


Can I refund my budgets committed after I’ve paid?

Unfortunately, we are unable to do a partial refund of any budgets that were paid as they have been committed. We do allow for the remaining budget to be used for other campaigns.


I’ve forgotten my password. What should I do?

If you have forgotten your password, you may request to reset your password with your email address associated with the account. Go to login page and click on the “Forgot password” link.


The app looks odd when I’m logged in.

It could be the browser you are using to access the app. We recommend the use of Google Chrome (version 50+) and Mozilla Firefox (version 46+). You may experience issues with older versions of Chrome and Firefox, and other browsers such as Internet Explorer Version 10 and below.


Some features in the app are not working for me, e.g.: Unable to get keyword suggestions.

Adtiq might not work as expected when an ad blocker is enabled in a web browser. Turn off your ad blocker or add this web page's URL as an exception. After you turn off the ad blocker, you'll need to refresh your screen. If you still experience issues using certain functions, do drop us an email on our Contact Us page.


I’m unable to log in with my Facebook account

Please allow our website to have pop-ups to prevent issues such as unable to login with Facebook.


I’m having issues completing my payment

Please allow our website to have pop-ups to prevent issues such as accessing the payment gateway during the check out process.


Why do I need to do a Facebook authorisation?

A Facebook authorisation is required for us to post your sponsored ads on your behalf. Without the authorisation, we will not be allowed to advertise on Facebook. You should have been prompted to do so during your campaign set up process. 

If not, here's how you can do it on Facebook.

1. You will receive a notification on your Facebook Page account to authorise Adtiq to manage your page. 

Authorisation request

Don't be alarmed! We will only require the access as an Advertiser and Analyst of your ad performance.

This means that we will not have the ability to change anything on your Facebook page.

2. Click on the notification and you will be directed to your page settings, scroll down and click on "Respond to Request"

Pending partner requests

3. You will then see this pop up, click on "Give Adtiq access to my Page" 

Access your page


If you are using business manager to manage your page, you would need to check for notification in your business manager: 

Business manager request


If you require extra assistance, please contact us here.

Who created Adtiq?

Adtiq is a service created by Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel) and its subsidiary, Amobee. Read more about Amobee in our About page.


Who is Arie?

Arie is employee #9 in Adtiq. Arie is our resident marketing advisor and Facebook admin. You will notice him in Adtiq where he provides you with tips as you go about using it. You can also find him on our Facebook page sharing anecdotes from time to time. In his spare time, Arie likes to look at source codes, shop online, doodle and dabble in photography. He’s single by the way.


Can you explain some of the terms used in the platform?

Sure! Here’s a glossary of some terms used. They will be useful when you deal with online advertising. 

  • Channel: Facebook Advertising and Google Ads (previously known as AdWords) are what we call Advertising Channels 
  • Impressions: This is calculated based on how many times your advertisement is shown to a web user (how much exposure your advertisement has). 
  • Target audience: The people you are targeting with your online advertisement. You can define your target audience based on their demographic and geographic settings on both channels. 
  • Conversion: This depends on what you define as the completion of an action by your target audience. For example, if you define conversion as someone sending you an email enquiry, each time someone does that on your website, it is counted as one conversion. To track this, you’ll need additional set up on your website using tools, such as Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager. 
  • Click through rate (CTR): This is calculated by dividing the number of times your advertisement is clicked over the total number of impressions. It is usually used to measure how effective your advertisements are. 
  • Cost per Click (CPC): This is how much it will cost you when someone clicks on your advertisement and visits your page. It is calculated by dividing the total amount of budget spent so far by the total number of clicks generated. 
  • Cost per acquisition/conversion (CPA): Depending on how you define your conversions, it is calculated by dividing the total budget spent by the number of times a web visitor has completed the action. 

If you are interested to know more, do click on our blog here.