What can Adtiq do?

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Adtiq is an easy-to-use online advertising platform that helps SOHO and small business owners and marketers quickly start advertising on Google Ads (previously known as AdWords), Facebook and Instagram advertising to reach more customers.

With trusted industry benchmarks and recommendations by Amobee, you can plan, create, manage and optimise your Google Search Engine Marketing and Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns from one platform.

Want to know more about online advertising? Here are the basics.

No barrier to start

Start online advertising with a budget you’re comfortable with. No need to spend big budgets for an agency to service your account, making it an affordable and cost effective marketing platform for small businesses.

It's simpler and easier than before

Adtiq removes the jargon and simplifies the steps it takes for you to advertise on Google Ads, Facebook and Instagram advertising, the most effective small business advertising channels.

Need assistance? We’ve got what it takes to help

You’ll get recommendations and advice that are based on real campaigns, leveraging on the vast experience of Singtel and Amobee. So you can stop making blind guesses and base your campaign on results of real companies.

Know your results as you set up

You’ll be able to see estimated results that your budget may bring, as you plan the campaign. Tweak and see in real-time how changes to settings can affect the results and your potential Return on Investment (ROI).
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See more than just website visits

Professional services are available to help you set up tracking and other website enhancements. Knowing more about how visitors are interacting with your website can help you better connect with them.