How We Price

Adtiq is completely free to use for you to plan and create advertisements.
You will get a customised online advertising proposal for free in just minutes.

When you launch your campaign and book media from Google, Facebook and Instagram,
there will be a service charge of 10% based on your media budget, the lowest in the market.
Don't waste your opportunity to save more with Adtiq! 

Here's a simple explanation of your charges.

Media Budget

This is the budget you spend on paying to run your advertising on Google, Facebook and Instagram,
and are paid directly to them. The amount you assign to each channel is decided during the planning process.

Service Charges

Digital agencies generally charge a 25% service fee either as part of the budget, or additional on top of the budget. So if you intend to spend $1,000 on advertising and go to a digital agency, you’ll either be left with $750 media budget after the service charges are deducted or will be made to pay an additional $250 for service charges.

How your budget is used

You will also enjoy the following features on Adtiq:

  • Guided campaign planning tool
  • Keyword suggestion tool
  • Project estimates and benchmarks tool
  • Campaign monitoring with email alerts
  • Ad creation tool for Google and Facebook
  • Campaign performance analysis and optimisation reports
  • Campaign reporting from Adtiq, Google and Facebook

And more.